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A little bit about myself. I am a Managing Director for research with a leading multinational enterprise.  Published in leading global business magazines such as the Harvard Business Review, i continue to share insights on how companies can digitally transform their operations and business models to drive value for customers, workforce and the planet. 

I love to co-create solutions addressing larger developmental challenges. Gardening and music are my passion.

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My Story

Helping each other is a basic human responsibility. The '100 Rupees Ambulance' service is based on this simple thought.


Fleeced by an ambulance service 4 years ago during my mother's hospitalization, I had been contemplating action in this space. The turning point was the Covid-19 infection. The period of home quarantine gave me time to think through my ideas.

And then taking a leap of faith, I purchased an ambulance from my savings equipping it with amenities like a wheelchair, oxygen cylinders amongst other things and appointed a chauffeur too. 

Combining the power of 0%-experience and 100%-enthusiasm, 'The 100 Rupees Ambulance' service began its journey in the city of Navi Mumbai end-June 2021. Blessings and best wishes continue pouring in from all quarters. And leading media outlets have found the initiative promising.

My biggest learning from this process: Don't make contemplation the enemy of effort. Just do what you believe in.

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